Electricity price picks up 4.5%

Electricity price picks up 4.5% 10/11/2023 16:43:00 240

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Electricity price picks up 4.5%

10/11/2023 16:43:00

(En.baochinhphu.vn) The retail price of electricity started increasing by 4.5 percent on average from November 9, according to the Electricity of Viet Nam (EVN).

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Specifically, the average retail price of electricity rose to VND2,006.79 (8.5 cents) per kWh, excluding the value-added tax, from the previous level of VND1,920.37 (8.2 cents) per kWh.

This is the second time this year, EVN has raised the retail price of electricity. The current price has increased by VND142.35 per kWh.

The latest round of price increase will only modestly affect 1.27 million poor households and families of social beneficiaries as the Government still provides them with electricity subsidy. 

EVN estimated that 547,000 customer, who are service providers, will pay an additional VND230,000 a month on average.

Meanwhile, 1.9 million customers, who are manufacturing companies, will pay an additional VND423,000 per month on average. 

The remaining 681,000 administrative organizations will pay an additional VND 90,000 per month.

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