Allocation of targets for implementing the plan of customs reform and simplification

Allocation of targets for implementing the plan of customs reform and simplification 22/02/2023 05:03:00 338

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( The General Department of Vietnam Customs (GDVC) directs subordinate units to develop plans and solutions to ensure the completion of administrative reform targets, simplifying customs procedures, and trade facilitation by 2023.

Professional activities at North Hanoi Customs Branch. Photo: N.Linh

Specifically, right after the issuance of Decision No. 123/QD-TCHQ dated January 31 on the assignment of administrative targets on reform, simplifying customs procedures, and trade facilitation in 2023, with 10 groups of the only target, GDVC has issued an official document instructing units in the whole sector to implement.

Accordingly, for units under GDVC, heads of units that are assigned to a chair for implementing targets are proactive in formulating plans and solutions and submitting them to leaders of the General Department in charge of approving the content and guiding the relevant coordination units to implement to ensure the completion of the assigned targets.

Supervising and monitoring the organization and implementation of the coordinating units; in case of difficulties or problems, the in-charge unit shall promptly propose and report to the General Department's leaders to guide the units to unify the implementation.

For local Customs Departments, the heads of the units shall based on the assigned targets and contents, coordinate with the units under GDVC to proactively allocate specific performance targets to the relevant subordinate units. At the same time, they were developing plans and solutions and guiding the implementation to ensure the completion of the assigned targets.

In particular, GDVC requires units to make a monthly report detailing implementation results.

The 10 targets of administrative reform, simplification of customs procedures and trade facilitation in 2023 include:

Target 1: "Improve the quality of risk analysis and assessment, ensure: Reduce 5% of red channel declarations, 10% of yellow channel declarations in 2023."

Target 2: "Reduce 10% of cargo clearance and release time (related to the working time of customs authorities)."

Target 3: "Reduce 20% of the number of shipments that must be sampled for analysis and assessment."

Target 4: "Reducing documents in customs dossiers, basically converting to documents in the form of electronic data: 100% of certificates of origin are submitted electronically; it is strictly forbidden for customs officers to ask declarants to submit documents outside of regulations; coordinate with ministries and sectors to put the remaining 50% of administrative procedures on the National Single Window."

Target 5: "Increasing the number of indirect price consultations by enterprises of class 1 to 4."

Target 6: "Reduce 25% of the rate of post-clearance audit following the plan of law compliance of customs declarant."

Target 7: "Increasing the number of customs declarations by 10% through customs broker agents."

Target 8: "Increasing 20% of the number of enterprises voluntarily participating in the program to encourage enterprises to voluntarily comply with customs laws compared to 2022 to improve the level of legal compliance."

Target 9: "Improve the quality of dialogue and promptly remove difficulties and obstacles for businesses."

Target 10: "Perform administrative procedures in the field of customs supervision and management on the online public service portal, including procedures related to the protection of intellectual property rights; procedures related to the activities of customs broker agents; procedures for recognition, expansion, contraction and termination of operation of a place of carrying out customs procedure (warehouses, yards, locations)".

By N.Linh/Thanh Thuy



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