Reform management of customs value to meet requirements of integration

Reform management of customs value to meet requirements of integration 21/02/2023 04:52:00 318

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( The General Department of Customs has approved the project on reform of customs value management until 2023 (referred to as the Value Scheme for short). The General Department of Customs aims to improve the quality of customs value management to meet the requirements of international integration in the context of applying modern technology.

Ha Nam Ninh Customs officer instructs enterprises to declare information related to import and export goods. Photo: H.Nu

Reforming customs value management activities to be in line with the orientation of the Customs Development Strategy to 2030 to implement the Digital Customs model, Smart Customs, ensuring efficiency throughout all levels of management and in the coordination between the stages of customs management.

According to the General Department of Customs, the Value Scheme was promulgated to determine a roadmap to amend and supplement the legal basis for the application of measures to ensure the effectiveness of customs value management concerning the model of Smart Customs, Digital Customs according to the Project of Re-designing the overall information technology system of the Customs sector and the Customs Development Strategy to 2030, thereby building a closed customs value management model from before, during and after customs clearance; strengthen coordination between Customs and other relevant state management agencies.

The value scheme is also the basis for consolidating the organizational structure and strengthening officials' capacity to do customs value management in a professional, intensive, centralized and unified manner.

In addition, the Value Scheme aims to build and effectively operate a mechanism for exchanging and collecting information to build a complete and reliable customs value database system, and improve the effectiveness of the application of risk management techniques, digital technology and big data in the management of customs value.

The Value Scheme's goal is to implement cooperation and partnership programs with the business community to raise the awareness of customs declarants about customs value management, thereby building an equal competitive environment, creating favourable conditions for businesses to comply well with the customs law, strengthening inspection, supervision and control of enterprises that do not comply with the law.

By Nu Bui/Phuong Linh



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