The warning function for using electronic invoices will automatically send notifications to taxpayers

The warning function for using electronic invoices will automatically send notifications to taxpayers 06/05/2024 04:20:00 31

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The General Department of Taxation said that from April 15, 2024, the electronic invoices management application will automatically send daily notifications to taxpayers who are sellers on the warning list for using e-invoices and there is an e-invoice arising on the warning date.

According to the General Department of Taxation, as of March 29, 2024, there were over 50,303 registered business establishments, and the number of e-invoices initiated from cash registers was over 252.8 million. After more than a year of implementing e-invoices from cash registers, initial positive results have been achieved as a premise for continuing to expand and deploy solutions to manage the retail sector, prevent tax loss, and strengthen the management of the use of e-invoices, contributing to promoting digital transformation.

The General Department of Taxation said that recently, in parallel with the deployment of electronic tax applications, to contribute to database integration, serving tax management as well as state management in general, the Tax sector has promoted and deployed the application of e-invoices. This is one of the important management information that needs to be standardized and updated with international practices to better serve the exploitation and use of information.

Since the Tax sector deployed the e-invoices system (July 1, 2022) until now, through tax management professional processes, tax authorities have analyzed, compared, and evaluated each e-invoices that taxpayers send to the e-invoices data system, thereby detecting illegal use of invoices as well as illegal use of invoices and promptly handling violations, ensuring the strictness of the law is enforced, creating a healthy and fair business environment.

With a modern information technology platform, the e-invoices system keeps track of all data of buyers and sellers; E-invoices data has also been integrated with the data system of tax administration agencies in particular and other state management agencies in general, so in case buyers or sellers have violations on invoices to declare deduction of input value-added tax, reduce the amount of value-added tax payable, increase the amount of value-added tax refunded, legalize freely purchased and smuggled goods, make false statements of development costs arising, reduce taxable income, lead to a reduction in the amount of corporate income tax payable... will be detected and handled according to regulations.

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