The General Department of Taxation has launched the portal and the eTax Mobile application.

The General Department of Taxation has launched the portal and the eTax Mobile application. 24/03/2022 03:32:00 5082

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On the morning of March 21, 2022, in Hanoi, to continue promoting digital transformation in tax administration, the General Department of Taxation held a conference to announce the opening of the electronic portal for overseas suppliers (at address and deploy the application eTax Mobile. This event affirms the determination of the Vietnamese Finance and Tax sectors in implementing the guidelines of the Party, State and Government on modernization and digitization of national financial and tax management, making a joint contribution to the national digital transformation. Minister of Finance Ho Duc Phoc presided over and pressed the opening button.

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Over the years, the Ministry of Finance in general and the Tax sector in particular have always focused on promoting the application of information technology to tax administration and implementing digital transformation solutions, towards the goal of improving quality and efficiency of management as well as service quality, creating the most favorable conditions for people and enterprises to fulfill their obligations to State budget.

According to the assessment of Minister of Finance Ho Duc Phoc, in 2021, the General Department of Taxation has drastically implemented digital transformation. In particular, this agency has proactively and quickly deployed e-invoices by the end of 2021 with the goal of over 7 billion tax invoices. In phase 1, the General Department of Taxation has deployed in 6 localities, the number of large enterprises and business households has made over 4 billion e-invoices. In phase 2, the General Department of Taxation will be deployed in the remaining 57 provinces and cities, with the goal that by July 1, 2022, the whole country will implement e-invoices. This is an important goal for the tax sector with many benefits such as: preventing revenue loss, invoice fraud, avoiding profiteering in value-added tax refund...

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In the past time, e-commerce activities have received the big attention of many countries around the world because of their great contributions to socio-economic growth, especially during the period of Covid-19 epidemic broke out in recent years.

In Vietnam, e-commerce activities are currently in a boom period with a very high annual growth rate.

This situation requires appropriate and timely adaptations, not only in order to effectively manage but also create conditions to promote the development of e-commerce activities and also create an equal enviroment between traditional business and e-commerce business, between domestic business and cross-border business activities.

Aware of that important role, over the past time, the General Department of Taxation has made great efforts, creativity, proactively researched, proposed, and urgently implemented solutions, specifically:

Firstly, advise on building a system of policies and laws mechanisms, creating a legal corridor in tax administration for e-commerce activities (especially the Law on Tax Administration, Decrees and Circulars guiding the Law on Tax Administration), and at the same time, creating fairness and transparency for enterprises doing business in Vietnam.

Secondly, with the peculiarity of overseas suppliers that they have not got permanent establishment in Vietnam so that their business activities are mainly done through the digital environment and on internet applications, etc. Traditional methods of registration, declaration and payment of taxes as before will no longer be appropriate.

Morever, to respond appropriately to the new situation and improve the efficiency of tax administration as well as create favorable conditions for foreign suppliers to fulfill their tax obligations to the Vietnamese state budget in their business, the General Department of Taxation has actively researched and built an exclusive portal for foreign suppliers. This is not only an address for foreign suppliers to register, declare and pay taxes, but also a place where they can look up information and research on the tax legal system and related legal policies in the field of e-commerce in Vietnam.

In addition, the General Department of Taxation has also actively researched and expanded forms of support for taxpayers, especially individuals and business households in order to provide maximum support and create all favorable conditions so that individuals and business households can easily look up and access information on tax laws, their tax obligations, and make tax payments in a simple, easy and the most convenient way with Electronic Tax Service Application on Etax-Mobile.

This is a suitable and timely step when the Tax sector expands communication channels to support information about tax obligations, tax declaration, and tax payment anytime and anywhere is not only convenient for people but also contributes limiting social contact in the community because of the Covid-19 epidemic and promoting of cashless payments.

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After the ceremony, the General Department of Taxation continues to deploy and coordinate with the units to deploy task groups to smoothly operate the applications and continues to improve the limitations (if any) to complete and develop modern and safe digital tax services for people and enterprises and promote digital transformation in the field of tax management.

According to General Director of Taxation Cao Anh Tuan, considering taxpayers as the center of service, with the determination and high efforts of the tax sector and the support of the business community, people, especially foreign suppliers. The operation of the e-commerce portal for public employees as well as the implementation of the Etax Mobile e-tax service application on mobile devices of the tax sector will bring great efficiency, create a premise for the tax sector in particular and the Finance sector in general to successfully complete the political tasks assigned by the Party, National Assembly and Government.

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