Circular 129: New points in mineral activities fee

Circular 129: New points in mineral activities fee 04/10/2011 09:39:00 725

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On September 15th 2011, Ministry of Finance issued Circular 129/2011/TT-BTC regulating on regime of collection, payment, management and usage of license fee of mineral activity.


Accordingly, level of license fee is calculated as follow: as for mineral survey, if the area is less than 100 ha, the fee is 4 million dong per license; if the area is from 100 to 50,000 ha, the fee is 10 million; the fee is 15 million for area of over 50,000 ha.


As for exploitation, the minimum fee is 1 million per license for sand, gravel exploitation in stream bed; maximum is 100 million per license for exploiting special, harmful minerals.


In case of extending and re-granting licenses when transferring and inheritting, benefitaries must pay 50% of above fees.


If foreign organizations, individuals pay fees with foreign currencies, the exchange rate applied is the one announced by the State Bank at the time of payment.


This Circular takes effect since 01/11/2011.